Spending hundreds of dollars on a gaming chair,Am I crazy ?

With the continuous development of the game industry in recent years, gaming chair has become a new mount for many white-collar workers. The exaggerated shape and the not-so-friendly price make many users wonder. Is this kind of chair, which costs hundreds of dollars, different from the usual bench and office chair?

economic gaming chair

The first is the comfort of the chair. The design of the gaming chair is very scientific, especially compared with normal chairs, it can share the load of each part of the human body more evenly. Taking the back of the chair as an example, ordinary household chairs and Office chairs are basically designed as beautiful as possible and as material-saving as possible.


But gaming chairs are different. The backrests of gaming chairs are basically designed in a symmetrical “lung shape”, which can effectively share the pressure on the back of the spine on both sides. Some gaming chairs also use a more elastic mesh surface as a support to further relieve the pressure on the back of the chair. This can effectively avoid the compression on the spine caused by sitting for a long time, and prevent back pain after sitting for a long time.


The second is the seat of the gaming chair. It is not designed horizontally, but slightly upwards. This design is more conducive to raising the legs, so that the legs can be stretched freely under the table. At the same time, this design will allow you to sink your center of gravity and cling to the back of the chair, forming a “covering” feeling, which is the most relaxed feeling when you bend your body slightly when playing games, so the comfort of the gaming chair Of course there is no need to say more.

big gaming chair

In addition, gaming chairs are designed for playing games. There are many special designs, such as armrests that can be raised and lowered. Whether you play games with arms or wrists, your elbows need a support point, and the best support option is the chair armrest, but if your chair armrest is too low, you will always play games with your hands raised; If you’re tall, you’ll hang your hands all the time, neither of which is very comfortable, and some chairs have armrests that don’t quite match the distance between your elbows.


At this time, you can see the advantages of gaming chairs. Most gaming chairs have freely adjustable armrests, horizontal steering, and vertical lifting functions. You can adjust them according to your body and the height of the table. Adjust it so that your elbows are always in a more comfortable position, which cannot be given by that kind of chair.


In short, playing games is a matter of long-term focus on sitting posture. Uncomfortable posture is really a great torture for players, and a good chair can also be said to be one of the most obvious investments to improve the gaming experience.