how to adjust height on gaming chair?

For those who need to use the computer for a long time, the general suggestion is, first of all, it is best to put the computer in the middle of the table and not sit crookedly. This will not only make the cervical spine tense, but also put the entire spine in an unbalanced state of force. Secondly, Do not sit on a stool that is too low or too soft, so as not to increase the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc. Generally speaking, the eyes can look at the screen while sitting. The height of the chair should be at least higher than the knee joint. Sitting with a hunchback in the chest will not only cause the accumulation of chronic strain on the soft tissues of the lower back and deformation of the physiological curvature, but also cause tension in the knee ligaments, slow down blood circulation, and induce popliteus muscle spasm. This posture will continue to appear for a long time Narrowing of the joint space, predisposing to meniscus wear or synovitis,  And if economic conditions permit, buying gaming chairs is a good choice.

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Then how to adjust the height of the gaming chair to be right? The ratio of the chair to the table should be such that when sitting upright, you can look straight at the computer. The armrests of the chair or the table should have proper support, which can support the elbow joints, so as to avoid the accumulation of stress on the elbow joints for a long time in the air, and induce excessive strain on the elbow joints and shoulder joints. The waist and neck should have certain support, which can maintain a normal physiological curvature, reduce joint pressure, and keep joints stable.

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For example, Yueda’s KX8009 gaming chair has an ergonomic back design that fits the curve of the human back more fully and can keep the physiological curvature in a stable state, whether it is leaning forward, sitting upright, leaning back, or backrest Both can support the lumbar curvature and prevent the waist from hanging in the air. The up and down adjustment mechanism of the seat cushion can accurately match the user’s comfortable backrest height for different heights. The one-piece cushion can evenly decompose the pressure on the buttocks and legs, and the micro-curved surface caters to your sitting posture, allowing the thighs and buttocks to fully share the body pressure, and the experience is more relaxed. The reclining angle has also reached a very comfortable 155° angle, which fully considers the comfort during rest, and is very suitable for long-term use by office white-collar workers.

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