Gaming chair or ergonomic chair?

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A lot of people in the purchase of computer chair will generally encounter a problem, whether to get ergonomic chair or gaming chair? In the face of two popular types, the choice of computer chair has become more comparative. So, in the face of a wide variety of esports chair and ergonomic chair on the market how to choose? To solve this problem, we need to first understand the characteristics and differences between esports chair and ergonomic chair, and then combine their own needs for comparison and selection

  • Ergonomic chairs, from the name, we know that its starting point is to consider the ergonomic design and the comfort of the seat. The most important feature is the curve design of the head, waist and back. The ergonomic design can relieve fatigue and provide a more comfortable experience for sedentary people. Especially in the design of the back, there are high elastic components Let the back fit better and support the back and waist, which is the main feature of the ergonomic chair. Secondly, in terms of materials, plain weave and mesh are mainly chosen to ensure its breathability and coolness. In terms of appearance, compared with gaming chairs, there are not so many colors combinations
  • Gaming chairs features

The chair surface of the gaming chair is relatively hard and has a good supporting capacity, but the backrest is not as good as that kind of ergonomic chair, and it cannot fully fit and support your back and waist. It is mainly supported by the attached headrest and lumbar pillow. To support. But it has the following four advantages:

  1. The angle and height of the armrest of the gaming chair can be adjusted, so that people who use the keyboard and mouse for a long time will be very comfortable.
  1. The chair surface of many gaming chairs has an upward angle, like a car seat, the front is high and the back is low, and the backrest and chair surface are generally wrapped, so people will sit deeper when sitting on it. The height is higher than the thighs, so that the legs can be relaxed when sitting without straining, and the feet can be stretched to the front more comfortably without stepping on the ground.
  1. The lumbar pillow can cushion the waist, which has a similar effect to an ergonomic chair. It relaxes the waist and corrects the posture of the spine, because office swivel chairs generally leave the waist empty, and sitting is very uncomfortable.
  1. The minimum height of gaming chairs is generally lower than that of chairs of the same size. This has the advantage that the height of the chair can be lowered, and then there is enough space between the legs and the desk. The chair is moved forward and adjusted to be slightly upright. The angle of the backrest, leaning on the backrest and using the mouse and keyboard to work, can largely avoid bending over to work

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What if we combined the strengths of both chairs into one chair? You can refer to our YUEDA esports chair, in addition to the traditional esports chair cool appearance, but also both ergonomic, but also to meet the requirements of games, work and rest at the same time, can be called a perfect work