Zhejiang Yueda Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of high quality office furniture production, We have rigorous and solid technical foundation, advanced design concepts, and innate smart gene. Since entering the industry, it has been sought after by consumers worldwide, especially gaming players and company white-collar workers.


    Gaming chair is one of main product of YUEDA, it is a new product that combines ergonomic design and uses soft leather for sports cars. It is not only limited to computer game, but also widely used for people’s work, study and production. It is simple, flexible, safe and healthy, especially suitable for white-collar office workers and game players for a long time, which is popular all over the world.

    YUEDA takes Hangzhou as its R & D and design center, selects Lishui as its production base, has multiple production lines, has a strict quality control system, combines the latest technology and ergonomic design, and produces for different user groups, has nearly ten gaming chair series. Each series has different design elements to meet consumers’ work, study and entertainment needs. With the increasingly sophisticated production technology and continuous innovation of design ideas, we can quickly provide customers with personalized custom products.

    YUEDA is now gradually involved in the design and production of office chairs, computer desks and other related products. It has strengthened international cooperation and formed a strategic idea of gradually penetrating high-end smart furniture with the e-sports industry as the core, combined with a sound service awareness, Has been widely recognized by the international community, and gradually promoted to a world-class brand.

    YUEDA will continue to strengthen team building, improve its own design and production capabilities, and continue to provide the highest quality design and production services to the international community.